FSC Videos

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Intro to L8500 Retrofit LED Light Bar

GoodMart and FSC Lighting, proudly presents, “Retrofit LED Light Bar,” a product video promoting the L-Bar Modular LED Unit highlighting it’s many benefits and applications.

Changing The Lights

FSC Lighting powered by Mirus, proudly presents, “Changing the Lights,” a product video promoting the L-Bar Modular LED Unit featured in various fixture applications.

The L-Bar is customizable, programmable, easy to install, and, customers will realize near instant ROI when they retrofit existing fluorescent fixtures. It has broader light, a smaller size and can be ordered with an optional occupancy sensor, occupancy sensor with daylight, programmable sensor and bi-level switching.

Pomona Valley Workshop

FSC Lighting: Making a Difference

Roughly 100,000 people with developmental disabilities are of working age in California, but fewer than 25,000 have jobs. Pomona Valley Workshop is one of the most successful assisted workforce programs within the Department of Rehabilitation and FSC is one of PVW’s most thriving collaborations. See how FSC has empowered these individuals and how they have impacted all our lives.