Pomona Valley Workshop

FSC Showcases… The Work Shop

Pomona Valley Workshop is an organization committed to assisting adults with disabilities reach their vocational and socialization skill potential so they can achieve their highest level of employment and community integration. PVW was founded in 1966 by a group of determined parents who were willing to take great risks to ensure a full and productive life for each of their disabled adult children. It was a humble beginning with only 15 clients that today has blossomed into four distinct consumer services programs that serve over 400 clients annually.

In 2013, John Watkins, FSC Lighting’s President attended a charity golf tournament sponsored by the regional center for Department of Rehabilitation as a guest of Andrew Behnke, the GM of the Claremont Doubletree Hotel. Over the course of the day, John become more and more intrigued by the concept of how FSC Lighting could potentially team with PVW to create great jobs for the PVW consumers. Andrew Behnke already had two 4 person teams working at his fabulous hotel and the program was working great for both sides.

Growing up, John’s best friend had a brother, Kevin with Down syndrome across the street.  Kevin was an important person in John’s childhood as Kevin not only had special needs that John could help with, but he was also capable of doing lots of things himself and took great pleasure in his successes. Partnering with PVW to create an internal FSC program just made perfect sense, and gave FSC a chance to provide a benefit to the community as well as itself.

Soon after this event, FSC blended its first 4 person team into the assembly and testing process and followed several short months later with a second 4 person team to augment the first.  The PVW team has seamlessly blended into FSC’s core daily processes. Each team consists of one coach and three teammates. FSC trains the coach, and the coach teaches and then works with their team to ensure the work is performed properly.

“Our partnership with PVW is helping us achieve our goal of having 20% of our workforce be developmentally disabled. The relationship is good for PVW staff, FSC and the community. Our PVW staff benefits as do FSC direct employees. We’re proud to have the PVW team working alongside us every day,” says FSC President John Watkins.

Pomona Valley Workshop’s success is due to the on-going dedication of their workforce and the business partnerships they have developed within their community. As the employment program’s customer base increases, so does the skill of their workforce.

“It’s amazing to see how much attention the staff pays to every detail and the incredible job they do with each project they are assigned,” says FSC General Manager Janet Johansen. “Our PVW team mates have consistently outperformed the temporary employees we have used in the past. They are a core part of the FSC Lighting’s operational success that we intend to continuously expand upon.”