FSC Helps Anthesis Raise Nearly $60k

FSC sponsored and helped to organize a successful charity auction and fundraiser for long-time partner, Anthesis (formerly the Pomona Valley Workshop) on August 7, 2017, raising $58,500 to support Southern California’s intellectually and developmentally disabled adult population.

The immediate success of the fundraiser, held at Union on Yale in Claremont, was a great surprise to Anthesis executive director Mitch Gariador.

“We’ve already exceeded our initial goal,” said Anthesis executive director Mitch Gariador. “Honestly, we were shocked with the result; this is phenomenal for us.”

In addition to the nearly $60,000 raised at the fundraiser, additional donations are still pouring in.

Anthesis serves over 300 disabled adults in eastern Los Angeles and western San Bernardino counties. A core part of its mission features inclusive workforce partnerships, such as the one with FSC, providing disabled adults with employment opportunities at local businesses.

The relationship between FSC and Anthesis began in 2013, when FSC began partnering with the organization to achieve a company goal of having 20% of its workforce be developmentally disabled. The partnership has been fruitful for both organizations. The initial 4 person team from Anthesis was so successful, that a second team was added within a few months.

“Our team from Anthesis is a critical part of our workforce,” said John Watkins, president of FSC Lighting. “They give so much to us; we’re always looking for opportunities to give back to them.”

August’s charity auction and fundraiser provided just such an occasion, allowing FSC to share their personal story of working with Anthesis and to allow the wider FSC and Pomona Valley communities to support Anthesis’s crucial mission.

“It was really impressive how generous FSC’s customers, vendors and all of the local community members were,” said John Watkins.

In addition to raising critical funding, the event served as a celebration of Anthesis’s name change, which went into effect in July. Since its founding in 1966, the organization had been known as the Pomona Valley Workshop. The change was driven by the organization’s evolving mission and services.

The fundraiser was promoted as Anthesis’s “first annual” event, and preparations are already underway for next year’s celebrations. FSC is excited to help this important partner and mission continue to exceed expectations for many years to come!

For more information, or to find out how you can become involved, visit

If you’d like to support Anthesis’s mission, donations can be made by check or by credit card via the Anthesis website.

FSC Hires Zuli Lighting

FSC Lighting, manufacturer of Fluorescent and LED lighting products announces the appointment of Zuli Integrated Lighting Solutions as the company’s distributor agent in Washington. FSC Lighting is excited with this new change in representation. Under the direction of Gregg Atkinson and Paul Nordholm, Zuli is focused on bringing clients the best solutions for their lighting needs. Their aim is to build Zuli into a brand that empowers their associates, respects the requirements of their customers and demonstrates value by providing growth and commitment to their factory partners. “Zuli represents the best of what we look for in a manufacturer’s representative: Responsiveness, commitment to the client and dedication to their own team. We have high expectations that this partnership will result in good things for not only FSC & Zuli, but also the Seattle market in general.” John Watkins- President, FSC LIGHTING.

Gregg and Paul have spent the past, 15 and 30 years respectively, leading and developing lighting organizations in both distribution and contracting markets in Seattle. With their combined skills and consistent dedication to the lighting market they know they can make a positive impact.

For more information on FSC Lighting, visit
For more information on Zuli Integrated Lighting Solutions, visit

Engineered TO Order (ETO) Program

FSC Lighting is pleased to announce that it is now able to handle custom Engineered To Order (ETO) products for customers who have special projects that require customization.

FSC’s plan is to fill recent gaps created by major changes in industry, and is happy to offer these services to our distributor and contractor customers who need them along with the normal lighting products that FSC supplies. These services should help make FSC more valuable to its manufacturer’s representatives & distributors as a one shop stop for their retrofit and fixture projects.

Please call us with questions or requests and we can explain the process. 1(800) 255-8990 or email us at

Please contact us for more information.

FSC is Recognized by CDSA for Pomona Valley Workshop Partnership

FSC Lighting was recognized on October 2, 2014 at the CDSA (California Disability Services Association) Inland Empire Caucus Community Partnership Appreciation Dinner held at the Red Hill Country Club for their partnership with Pomona Valley Workshop. PVW is an organization committed to assisting adults with disabilities reach their vocational and socialization skill potential so they can achieve their highest level of employment and community integration.

“Our partnership with PVW is helping FSC achieve its goal of having 20% of its workforce be developmentally disabled.  The relationship is good for PVW staff, FSC and the community.  Our PVW staff benefits as do FSC direct employees.  We’re proud to have the PVW team working alongside us every day” says FSC President John Watkins.

Pomona Valley Workshop’s success is due to the on-going dedication of their workforce and the business partnerships they have developed within their community. As the employment program’s customer base increases, so does the skill of their workforce.

“It’s amazing to see how much attention the staff pays to every detail and the incredible job they do with each project they are assigned,” says FSC General Manager Janet Johansen. “Our PVW teammates have consistently outperformed the temporary employees that we have used in the past.  They are a core part of the FSC Lighting’s operational success that we intend to continuously expand upon.”  

Every PVW production line has a coach assisting as supervisors ensuring no detail is overlooked. FSC Lighting was so pleased with PVW’s work ethic and production rates that it expanded its program to 8 people from the original 4 person team.. FSC Lighting has been working with PVW since November of 2013 and is looking forward to many years of continued growth with the program.

Click here for a Downloadable Flyer.

FSC hires Paradigm Energy

FSC Lighting, manufacturer of Fluorescent, LED and Induction lighting products announces the appointment of Paradigm Energy as the company’s new distributor agent in Arizona. FSC Lighting is excited to join forces with this new lighting agency, under the direction of principal, Joe Visintainer.  Paradigm is focused on bringing clients the best solutions for their lighting needs. In addition to FSC lighting fixtures, the firm represents multiple leading manufacturers, acting as an extension of their sales force to provide local and factory-direct products and services to the electrical and lighting industry.

Introduction to Paradigm Energy

Joe has spent the past nearly 15 years leading and developing lighting organizations both in the distribution and the contracting markets in Arizona as well as in the Southwestern US.  He has been committed to education for himself, his co-workers and customers.  He has earned Certified Energy Manager, Certified Demand Side Manager and LEED AP certifications.  Paradigm Energy was founded to serve customers through education, excellence and hard work. Joe’s passion is to help his customers, the environment and society through the right application of lighting for the right reasons. “Who you partner with can be just as important as what product you select.” – Joe Visintainer

For more information on Paradigm Energy, visit

FSC Adds 66 More New Items to the DLC Qualified Product List

About the DLC

The DLC Qualified Product List is administered by the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC). It is a project of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), a regional non-profit founded in 1996 whose mission is to serve the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in accelerating energy efficiency technologies in the building sector through public policy, program strategies, and education. The DLC promotes quality, performance, and energy-efficient commercial sector lighting solutions through collaboration among its federal, regional, state, utility, and energy efficiency program members. It’s membership also includes luminaire manufacturers, lighting designers, and other industry stakeholders throughout the U.S. and Canada. Over its 14 year history, the DLC program has driven the lighting market towards innovation by providing information, education, tools, and technical expertise for cutting-edge technologies.

The DLC Qualified List

Since 2010, the DLC has administered the Qualified Products List (QPL), a leading resource that distinguishes quality, high-efficiency LED products for the commercial sector. Today, the QPL sets the bar for efficiency program incentives across the U.S. and Canada while informing manufacturer product development.

FSC Lighting is proud to announce that we have added 66 new items to our product offering which have been QPL approved.

To download a list of FSC Lighting’s DLC Qualified fixtures, click here.

FSC Lighting Launches Mirus Lighting

FSC Lighting, in Partnership with New Bright Technology, Launches Mirus Lighting

lf2 (645x800)

This joint venture capitalizes on the demand for energy efficient LED lighting and fluorescent light retrofit market.

MARCH 5, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA–FSC Lighting, a leader in commercial lighting for over 40 years, has partnered with New Bright Technology, makers of advanced LED lighting since 1983, to introduce Mirus Lighting. This new division was created to meet the enormous demand for high-efficiency LED lighting and cost-effective fluorescent retrofit solutions.

“Mirus Lighting leverages over 70 years of lighting industry expertise to produce sophisticated, cost-effective lighting solutions for all commercial and industrial applications, ” says John Watkins, President. “This joint partnership uniquely positions us to disrupt the status quo and revolutionize the industry.”

Mirus Lighting’s proprietary suite of programmable and highly configurable LED lighting options includes the Light Bar Modular Kit, an ideal solution for new lighting installation or retrofitting fluorescent fixtures. Virtually maintenance free, the L-Bar’s unique “snap and click” design installs in minutes, provides exceptional light, and a near immediate return on investment.

Click Here to view a short Mirus Lighting Clip



Think Green With FSC – Disposal Options

FSC Lighting sells thousands of fluorescents lamps a year but our responsibility and commitment to a greener, safer planet does not end when product leaves our warehouse. Here are some helpful tips to on your lamp disposal and recycle options. 

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Recycling and Disposal

Recycling CFLs and other fluorescent light bulbs helps reduce the chance that the small amount of mercury they contain will end up in the environment, and some states/provinces require consumers to recycle fluorescent bulbs after they burn out.

To recycle your used CFLs, drop them off at one of these ALA-member lighting showrooms, or visit Where You Live or for additional options. For more information specific to your area, consult your state or provincial environmental regulatory agency.

If your local environmental regulatory agency offers no other disposal options except your household garbage, place the fluorescent light bulb in a plastic bag and seal it before putting it in the trash. If your waste agency incinerates its garbage, you should search a wider geographic area for proper disposal options.

Never send a fluorescent light bulb or any other mercury-containing product to an incinerator.

What to Do if a Fluorescent Light Bulb Breaks

Fluorescent light bulbs contain a very small amount of mercury sealed within the glass tubing. EPA recommends the following clean-up and disposal guidelines:

  1. Open a window and leave the room for 15 minutes or more.
  2. Carefully scoop up the fragments and powder with stiff paper or cardboard and place them in a sealed plastic bag.
    • Use disposable rubber gloves, if available (i.e., do not use bare hands). Wipe the area clean with damp paper towels or disposable wet wipes and place them in the plastic bag.
    • Do not use a vacuum or broom to clean up the broken bulb on hard surfaces.
  3. Place all cleanup materials in a second sealed plastic bag.
    • Place the first bag in a second sealed plastic bag and put it in the outdoor trash container or in another outdoor protected area for the next normal trash disposal. Note: Some states prohibit such trash disposal and require that broken and unbroken lamps be taken to a local recycling center.
    • Wash your hands after disposing of the bag.
  4. If a fluorescent bulb breaks on a rug or carpet:
    • First, remove all materials you can without using a vacuum cleaner, following the steps above. Sticky tape (such as duct tape) can be used to pick up small pieces and powder.
    • If vacuuming is needed after all visible materials are removed, vacuum the area where the bulb was broken, remove the vacuum bag (or empty and wipe the canister) and put the bag or vacuum debris in two sealed plastic bags in the outdoor trash or protected outdoor location for normal disposal.

FSC Lighting Names New President

FSC Lighting has Industry Veteran John Watkins as New President

Lighting industry veteran John Watkins has joined manufacturer FSC Lighting as their new president, reported Edward Yawitz, CEO of FSC Lighting. “John brings nearly 20 years of lighting experience to the position and is a great addition to the FSC team; very excited and honored to have him on board,” says Eileen Prado, customer services specialist at FSC. Watkins has owned a lighting agency, an efficient lighting wholesale company, and has served as the Vice President of a lighting and controls contractor. John’s background in lighting controls, induction, and LED will help FSC continued growth in the energy efficient lighting project arena. John hopes to increase the scope of contractor and energy focused electrical wholesale customers by teaching them methods to quantify the savings associated with using FSC products.

FSC Lighting is a 40-year-old manufacturer of energy efficient lighting specializing in comme­rcial, industrial and public sector projects. FSC has designed the most comprehensive line of fluorescent and induction fixtures integrating the most advanced lighting controls available in the industry. They help customers select the right technology and fixtu­res to match up with each project type.

For more information on FSC products call us at 800-255-8990, or contact us here.

FSC Hires Blanchard Associates as their New Sales Representative

Blanchard Associates Logo

FSC Lighting, manufacturer of Fluorescent and LED lighting products, announces the appointment of Blanchard Associates of Ontario, CA as the company’s new distributor agent in Southern California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.

Introduction to Blanchard Associates

Under the direction of President Joe Blanchard, Blanchard Associates has served the lighting market from their main office and warehouse in Ontario, CA for 28 years. In addition to FSC lighting fixtures, the firm represents multiple leading manufacturers, acting as an extension of their sales force to provide local and factory-direct products and services to the electrical, lighting, HVAC, automation and control markets. “With the addition of FSC to our line card, our agency is excited about the incremental value we can deliver to even the most discriminating End-User, Distributor, Consulting Engineer and Contractor customer we serve, ” says Andy Shepherd, General Manager of Blanchard Associates.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, contractor, design or facility engineer, you can count on Blanchard and the manufacturers they represent to deliver exceptional support for products, applications and logistics.

To view our front page cover story on the March issue of the Electrical News click here.

SCE Offers Thousands of Dollars, Free Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

Southern California Edison (SCE) is offering small businesses in Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties up to $10,000 in free energy-efficiency upgrades through SCE’s Direct Install program through November and December. The program will continue in different cities throughout 2011.

“We have a program for virtually every SCE customer,” said Lisa Cagnolatti, SCE vice president, Business Customer Division. “We know the business community has seen some tough times, and the lower electric bills resulting from these free energy efficiency measures will help save money.”

The Direct Install survey, equipment and installation are available for qualifying small businesses that use less than 100 kilowatts. SCE-approved professional contractors will visit the businesses, conduct a brief energy-use survey and make recommendations for free upgrades. The free installation of energy-efficient equipment will be scheduled at the business owner’s convenience.

Examples of the Direct Install program’s free energy-efficient upgrades include:

  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Refrigeration measures: Door closers, suction-line insulation and strip curtains
  • LED (light emitting diode) “open” and “exit” signs
  • Window film
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Programmable thermostats

Cities on the Direct Install schedule in Kern County include: Acton, Bodfish, Boron,  Caliente, California City, Cantil, Cuyama Valley, Death Valley Junction, Edwards, Frazier Park, Gorman, Inyokern, Johannesburg, Johnsondale, Keene, Kernville, Lake Hughes, Lake Isabella, Lancaster, Lebec, Leona Valley, Little Lake, Littlerock, Llano, Mojave, Onyx, Palmdale, Pearblossom, Posey, Quartz Hill, Randsburg, Red Mountain, Ridgecrest, Rosamond, Tehachapi, Trona, Valyermo, Weldon and Wofford Heights.

In Los Angeles County: Agoura, Calabasas, Canoga Park, Canyon Country, Castaic, Chatsworth, Covina, Diamond Bar, Downey, Glendora, Hacienda Heights, Hidden Hills, La Puente, Malibu, Malibu Beach, Newhall, Norwalk, Oak Park, Pico Rivera, Pomona, Rowland Heights, San Dimas, San Fernando, Santa Clarita, Santa Fe Springs, Stevenson Ranch, Sylmar, Topanga, Universal City, Valencia, Walnut, West Covina, Whittier and Woodland Hills.

In Orange County: Aliso Viejo, Coto De Caza, El Toro, Foothill Ranch, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juan Capistrano, Silverado and Trabuco Canyon.

In Riverside County: Canyon Lake, Corona, Elsinore, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Nuevo, Perris, Quail Valley, Riverside and Wildomar.

In San Bernardino County: Angelus Oaks, Baker, Barstow, Beaumont, Bryn Mawr, Calimesa, Cima, Colton, Daggett, Forest Falls, Grand Terrace, Highland, Hinkley, Loma Linda, Ludlow, Mentone, Newberry Springs, Nipton, Redlands, Rialto, San Bernardino, Shoshone, Tecopa, Yermo and Yucaipa.

In Ventura County: Piru.

To learn more about schedules and qualifications, please call (800) 736-4777 or visit

This press release was obtained from the Southern California Edison website. SCE is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, serving a population of nearly 14 million via 4.9 million customer accounts in a 50,000-square-mile service area within Central, Coastal and Southern California.

Happy Birthday FSC: Here’s to 40 Years

FSC Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Some people might think 40 years is over the hill but FSC doesn’t look a day of 25. FSC has been providing quality fixtures and excellent customer service since 1970. FSC opened their doors  in a humble location in Monterey Park; their product line consisted of only a handful of fixtures but today they offer almost 100 different series, ranging from commercial induction street lighting to residential under-cabinet lighting. FSC has always produced a high-quality product;  their assembly line takes pride in their work and makes sure every item is up to standards. The customer service department is helpful and courteous; they understand customer needs and offer excellent and speedy service with a smile.

Energy-Efficient High Bay Lighting

FSC has been a leader in energy efficient lighting since 1970. We pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and customer service. We offer a full array of High Bay products to suit your application. FSC has added many new products to our line over the past 2 years. Due to the high demand for rebate driven retrofitting of inefficient HID or Metal Halide warehouse lighting, FSC has stepped up to make sure your customers can participate in the Utility rebate programs and federal and state tax incentives. Check your local utility company.

FSC Lighting has added a full line of High Bays

This line includes the vaportite, wet rated, impact resistant 7900 Series. We have also added Induction High Bay and soon, an LED High Bay. Look for new product launches through email and representative product announcements.

Our traditional 8800 and 6500 Linear T8 and T5 High Bays have been copied but not duplicated. The American Made quality construction clearly shows and our GE lamps and ballast extends our commitment to a fixture that will last and perform. These fixtures are an economical way to improve your warehouse, production, sports or retail facility.

The 7900 series is a durable gasketed vaportite design offering the same lamping and light output as our traditional high bay series. The 7900 is UL rated for wet applications, such as food service, where IP65 is specified. Its impact resistant body is perfect for environments that call for a more durable design.

Our second addition to our line is our Induction HBi series. Induction electromagnetic lighting technology was invented by Tesla in 1889. It has a 85+ CRI, high scotopic lumen output for crisp clear color perception. The fixtures are only 18 lbs and easy to install. Their dome lens design has either aluminum or acrylic for choice of light distribution. The lamp and ballast holds a 5 year limited warranty and is rated for 100,000 hours with very low depreciation. The 10 year maintenance costs is $ZERO. Our 200 watt Induction High Bay is a 1 for 1 swap for a 400 watt metal halide. Our other induction fixtures include Garage Lighters, Parking Lot, Cobra Heads, Wall Packs and self-ballasted screw-in replacement bulbs.

Tell us what you think about fluorescent and Induction high bays replacing traditional HID fixtures. We look forward to you contacting us.

FSC Introduces a New Line of Fluorescent Retrofit Kits

FSC is happy to announce the introduction of new Retrofit Kits.

FSC Retrofit Kits provide an exciting solution by fulfilling needs that can not be met with fixture replacement and offer you some exclusive features and designs.

The RDI-BSK line is particularly exciting, as it is the first retrofit kit designed to convert a parabolic or lensed troffer to a true modern T5 or T8 direct/indirect fixture with micro-perforated basket. Installation is simple and the end result is very impressive.

Also available is the RDI-BFL, a retrofit kit consisting of a white aluminum baffle and sloping acrylic side panels. The RDI-BFL maintains the look and feel of a deep RDI luminaire and is available in T5 or T8. Both the RDI-BSK and RDI-BLF models are sold with ballasts, hardware and snap-in sockets.

The 85-RFK and the 74-RFK kits are more conventional types with easily installed conversion brackets and reflectors to upgrade the majority of fixtures.



Where is FSC?

Fluorescent Supply Company
9120 Center Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 USA

Phone: 909-948-8878
Toll Free: 800.255.8990
Fax: 909-948-8510

The Basics

Fluorescent Supply Company is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, a southwest suburb of San Bernardino County. Our general offices, prime assembly, showroom and warehouse are located under a 100,000 square-foot facility, with room for expansion.


  • From Orange County: Take the CA-91 East, to the I-15 North, merge onto I-10 West, exit Haven Avenue and make a right then a left onto 6th Street, make a right on Center Avenue.
  • From Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley: Take US-101 South to the CA-134 East, CA-134 East becomes I-210 East, exit Haven Avenue and make a right then a left onto 6th Street, make a right on Center Avenue.
  • From Los Angeles County: Take the I-10 East, exit Haven Avenue and make a right then a left onto 6th Street, make a right on Center Avenue.

FSC Hires New Sales Representative in Northern California

FSC announces the appointment of Century Sales of Concord, CA, as the company’s new distributor agent in Northern California, reported Janet Johanson, General Manager of FSC Lighting.

Under the direction of President Jim Jacobs, Century Sales has served the Northern California market from their main office and warehouse in Concord for 26 years. In addition to FSC lighting fixtures, the firm represents manufacturers of quality electrical, electronic and lighting components to electrical distributors. They service the territory north of the counties of Monterey, Kings, Tulare and Inyo (the southern boundaries of these four counties create a straight line east to west across the state, just north of Bakersfield, from the Nevada border to the Pacific Ocean. For some principles they cover Northern Nevada.)

The Century Sales team has decades of experience. Jim Jacobs got his start in the industry in 1985 working for G & R Sales as an outside salesperson. His specialties are circuit protective devices, power distribution systems and electrical and electronic testing, monitoring and trouble-shooting equipment. Jill Jacobs also got her start at G & R Sales; after 25 years in the industry, Jill joined the Century Sales team in 2007. Jim and Jill along with Jack Wulfmeyer, Dennis Gerrish, Karen De Leon, Kristi Dishman and Lauren Gentry have the qualifications and experience to adequately cover the market area. They know the market and their customers, both distributors and end-users, very well. They have the product knowledge necessary to be successful and the willingness to learn new technologies.

“Century Sales is among the most hard working and well-known sales agencies in Northern California and they share the same core values as FSC,” said Alex Marquez, office support  for FSC. At Century Sales they have the skills and the desire to do the absolute best job for the manufacturers they represent. They believe ability, preparation, and opportunity equals success!