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Lighting Solutions That Go Beyond Efficiency

At FSC, our energy-efficient LED fixtures are just the beginning. Our lighting solutions for retrofits and new construction offer integrated intelligent control options, cost-effective customization and fanatical support.

Our Lighting Solutions

Since 1969

Sports Facilities

It’s hard to think of a place where being able to see clearly is more critical than on the field, court, diamond or rink. FSC’s lighting solutions for sports and athletic facilities deliver crisp, natural lighting that athletes love, along with...

Educational Facilities

In schools, universities and other educational facilities, FSC’s LED lighting not only delivers efficiency, but it also helps set the stage for a conducive learning environment. Our lighting fixtures are providing full-spectrum, flicker-free...


In retail spaces, lighting has a critical role to play in presenting products and in making the entire space appeal to shoppers. FSC’s retail LED lighting solutions do all this, while still delivering energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal and easy...


When it comes to office buildings, our LED lighting solutions go beyond efficiency. Sure, cutting lighting energy consumption by as much as 70% is a great start, but it’s just a start. Our LED lighting fixtures for offices deliver crisp, natural...

Industrial & Manufacturing

LED lighting can be a great fit for industrial spaces and manufacturing plants. FSC industrial and manufacturing fixtures provide bright, crisp lighting that’s suitable for a wide range of manufacturing tasks. In many cases, even the impressive...

Food Processing & Washdown

Food processing environments are tough environments for LED lighting. The lights have to deliver efficiency and lighting quality in a wet environment, while undergoing rigorous cleaning protocols that could destroy standard lighting fixtures. They...

Parking Garages

Parking garages and parking structures demand unique lighting solutions. The lighting has to provide security and glare-free illumination, while delivering efficiency, automatic controls and weatherproof performance that can survive moisture, dust...

Warehouses & Distribution

Big spaces require big solutions, and that’s exactly what FSC’s warehouse and distribution LED lighting delivers. Our solutions start with powerful, efficient lighting that can operate in a wide range of temperatures and environments. Next, we add...

Our Latest LED Fixtures

L7600 Series – LED Vaportite (PCB)


Series LED Vaportite

Protects against the elements in industrial or commercial settings.

LB Series LED Universal Retrofit Kit

LB Series

LED Universal Retrofit Kit

Dramatically enhances existing fixtures for substantial savings.

L28500 Series LED Strip


Series LED Strip

Combines premium performance and construction durability.

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FSC’s new Project Development Assistance Service pairs you with a consultant who takes the burden off your shoulders by conducting your audit and assisting with your order.

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Made With Care

Four years ago, we tested a pilot program that brought a developmentally disabled assisted workforce team into our manufacturing facility. Today, our assisted workforce is a critical part of every lighting system we build.

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