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SafeClass technology solutions fight airborne and surface
pathogens like COVID-19 in classrooms while they’re in use, and runs automated sterilization cycles when they’re empty.

Pathogen-Fighting Lighting With IllumiPure & CleanBox

Power IOT Devices from Every Light Fixture With PowerPlus

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Find Your Local Rebates & Incentives

Use our rebate-finder tool to see how much you could save on an energy-effienct upgrade for your facility

Save Time & Money with Customized Fixtures

Let us make your life easier. Our in-house prefabrication services save you time and money by customizing standard FSC fixtures to your project’s specific needs.

We Help You Win Projects

FSC’s new Project Development Assistance Service pairs you with an FSC lighting expert who can help conduct your audit, and developing your proposal.

You’ve Got Lighting Questions.
We’ve Got Bryan.

His business card might say “Director of Inside Sales,” but really, he’s the lighting oracle. So go ahead, ask him your most burning lighting-related questions. Test his knowledge, and get answers.

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Made With Care
Hours Worked

Seven years ago, we tested a pilot program that brought a developmentally disabled assisted workforce team into our manufacturing facility. Today, our assisted workforce is a critical part of every lighting system we build.