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Office Buildings

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When it comes to office buildings, our LED lighting solutions go beyond efficiency. Sure, cutting lighting energy consumption by as much as 70% is a great start, but it’s just a start. Our LED lighting fixtures for offices deliver crisp, natural lighting that can improve employee satisfaction, boost productivity and resolve complaints about flickering and glare.

Plus, office buildings can be a great opportunity to integrate intelligent lighting controls, something we make easy. And if your application can benefit from customizations that make the retrofit process easier, we can quickly and efficiently deliver those, too.

FSC delivers lighting solutions for offices that go beyond efficiency and that help to make your next project a success.

Featured LED Office Building Lighting Products

5800 Series – Half Moon

A modern direct/indirect fixture in a bright white finish and perforated baffle with white opal acrylic inlay for attractive glare free lighting in offices, conference rooms, reception areas and classrooms

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