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Our energy savings experts have helped parking garages across the country cut their electricity costs by as much as 70% or more. Now, they’ve put their top tips into an energy savings guide for parking facility owners and managers.

Our guide covers key tips for both parking garage retrofits and new construction. It covers straightforward advice like selecting the right energy-efficient LED lighting technology, as well as advanced techniques like daylight harvesting, intelligent controls and parking guidance integration.

It also includes critical information about finding and identifying utility rebates that can pay for a significant portion of your energy-efficient lighting retrofit or new construction project.

Download it today, and learn how you can effectively cut your lighting costs and improve safety and aesthetics at your parking garage.

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Energy-Efficient LED Lighting
Our parking garage LED lighting can cut energy consumption by as much as 90%, while offering safer, brighter and more attractive lighting.

Easy Customization
With our in-house, U.S.-based customization capabilities, we can significantly reduce installation time and labor by quickly and affordably customizing our fixtures to your needs.

Intelligent Lighting Controls
Intelligent lighting controls help you go beyond efficiency with automated lighting intelligence that can adjust light levels based on occupancy, vehicle locations, daylight conditions, operating hours or even parking guidance systems.

Unmatched Service & Support
Our fixtures are assembled and tested at our California facilities. This lets us confidently stand behind our products with an industry-leading five-year warranty, as well as unmatched after-purchase support.

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Energy-Saving Lighting Solutions for Parking Garages

Parking garages and parking structures demand unique lighting solutions. The lighting has to provide security and glare-free illumination, while delivering efficiency, automatic controls and weatherproof performance that can survive moisture, dust and significant temperature swings.

We’ve developed a reputation as the parking garage lighting experts by helping hundreds of customers implement successful parking structure LED lighting retrofits. We’d be thrilled to help you.

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