Parking Garage


Torrance, CA    

Our Customer

Providence is a healthcare services provider committed to serving the communities surrounding their facilities.  Their diverse family of organizations include 50 hospitals, 829 clinics and hundreds of programs and services employing over 100,000 people in Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

The Situation

Most parking garages operate continuously regardless of lighting needs, wasting energy and contributing to peak demand during the day and light pollution at night. To save on energy costs and reduce power consumption, Providence made the decision to install LED lighting combined with daylighting and occupancy-based control strategies at a newly constructed parking structure serving their new outpatient clinic and ambulatory care center in Torrance, CA.





The Solution

FSC Lighting custom-designed luminaires with integrated high/low passive infrared, Title 24 compliant sensors. These luminaires operate at reduced levels during vacant periods and at full light output upon occupancy. Photocells provide additional energy savings.

FSC was able to incorporate their newly patented technology, PowerPlus, as part of their innovative lighting strategy. The PowerPlus module transforms lighting fixtures into ports to power electronics, including IoT devices. Providence Health can now power security cameras, WiFi hotspots and even parking guidance systems, directly from their light fixtures.

With PowerPlus, Providence’s parking structure is future-proof, with the capacity to power today’s devices and the readiness to adapt to tomorrow’s needs — whatever they may be.

POWERPLUS Capabilities

The PowerPlus module enables your FSC Lighting fixtures to become a power source for your electronic devices and IoT connections. Simple, versatile and efficient—just plug in, power up and get connected.

From smart lighting sensors to asset tracking devices to WiFi hotspots, and so much more, we help you power what’s possible.