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Made with Care

FSC Showcases: Anthesis


Our Made with Care program integrates a developmentally disabled assisted workforce team directly into our manufacturing process. Every single fixture we make helps to provide employment to this group of talented but often overlooked individuals. In return, we get the benefits of a skilled, dedicated and dependable workforce. Our customers and partners experience craftsmanship and dependability in every product, and have a hand in contributing to job creation for this valuable, positive project.

“Our partnership with Anthesis is helping us achieve our goal of having more than 25% of our direct workforce be developmentally disabled. The relationship is good for Anthesis staff, FSC and the community. Our Anthesis staff benefits as do FSC direct employees. We’re proud to have the Anthesis team working alongside us every day,” says FSC President John Watkins.

Anthesis’s success is due to the on-going dedication of their workforce and the business partnerships they have developed within their community. As the employment program’s customer base increases, so does the skill of their workforce.

“It’s amazing to see how much attention the staff pays to every detail and the incredible job they do with each project they are assigned,” says FSC Director of Operations Holly Pugno. “Our Anthesis team mates have consistently outperformed the temporary employees we have used in the past. They are a core part of the FSC Lighting’s operational success and company culture that we intend to continuously expand upon.”